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Dear Holiday Maker:

A Special Welcome to all new visitors to this site and welcome back to those of you who may have browsed before and are back to decide on your land-based vacation to St. Lucia. Whether you plan to travel with your partner, or with friends or family, consider to be your new exciting gateway to all that St. Lucia has to offer.

St Lucia We at the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association are aware that you have either cruised or intend to cruise to our beautiful island among many others that will be included on your cruise itinerary. And we trust that your cruise vacation was or will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. However, we are equally confident that your interest will be piqued and that you will be anxious to choose a longer stay with us the next time around.

To entice you into making that decision, the members of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association are pleased to offer you special incentives in the form of free nights, discounts on car rentals, tours, restaurants and other services. Take time out to consider these great value-for-money offers, while you contemplate your next hotel based holiday on our enchanting island.

In advance, I bid you a pleasant (free)stay.

Anthony Bowen

Past President
St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association

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