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The United States Virgin Islands:

February 3, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

The United States Virgin Islands rises in full support of Tropical Shipping’s cruise ship passenger coin conversion program, FreeStay Caribbean.

The territory has participated in this program since August 2002. We were provided with imprinted coins, courtesy of Tropical Shipping, which are used by staff as a reminder token of a destination-specific offer which seeks to convert cruise passengers to return as stay-over visitors.

The current destination offer is pay for five nights and get two nights, gratis, at our participating hotel properties and charter yachts. The USVI is the only destination that has expanded the program to include charter yachts.

A few short months after our launch of the program, the USVI welcomed its first 'cruise conversion' guest. I believe that the take-home token and the Tropical Shipping-maintained web site, were primarily responsible for the quick turn-around response.

I am an avid supporter of this program and regularly speak to member nations of the Caribbean Tourism Organization to encourage the establishment of this program within our Caribbean nations.

I commend Tropical Shipping, particularly its President Rick Murrell, for this very forward thinking offer. It is certainly an exemplary demonstration of good corporate citizenship, which truly benefits the Caribbean nations that have opted to embrace this fine program.


Pamela C. Richards
The United States Virgin Islands
Department of Tourism
P.O. Box 6400 St. Thomas,
U.S. Virgin Islands 00804
Tel: 340-774-8784
Fax: 340-774-4390 800-372-8784
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