Tourism as the lead sector for Grenada provides much needed employment, foreign exchange and much needed revenue.
More importantly it gives visitors the invaluable opportunity to experience the warm Grenadian hospitality and our various tourism products. Government is committed to ensure the continued growth of the sector for the benefit of all Grenadians.
Cruise tourism affords visitors a quick window into the “Isle of Spice.” For us therefore, the Freestay Caribbean, “Come back and stay in the Caribbean” is a much needed cruise conversion program that has the support of the Government of Grenada. I am sure that visitors who have enjoyed a land-based vacation subsequent to a cruise visit will have left our shores with very fond memories.
Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to invite all our cruise passengers to leave Grenada with at least one coin redeemable for free stay. Just ask your tour operator, taxi driver or employees of the Grenada Board of Tourism. Grenada thanks you for visiting and we look forward to welcoming you again to a much longer stay.
Thank you for choosing Grenada!

Hon. Peter David
Minister of Tourism