I am pleased to endorse the Caribbean Freestay Programme.
Recognizing the value of tourism to Grenada, and considering the impact that this initiative could have on increasing the number of stayover visitors, I am satisfied it is worthy of our fullest support.
Tropical Shipping, the Cruise Industry and the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) must all be encouraged and commended for a creative programme that, among other things, will help to reduce perceptions of conflict between land-based and cruise tourism.
Grenada has for many years seen the benefit of cruise tourism on our stay-over business, as growing numbers of first-time cruise visitors return to deepen their experience of our destination.
Grenada is a safe, high value, romantic and therapeutic destination that provides excellent experiences for both active holiday-makers and leisure fun-seekers.
The experience of Grenada can best be enjoyed on a stay-over visit. Cruise Grenada and return for much more of the Spice of the Caribbean.

William Joseph
Director of Tourism