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Freestay Caribbean

Aquarium Restaurant
Point Salines Beach; Tel. 444-1410
Open daily, except Monday, 10am-11pm.
Wednesday night specials and Sunday Beach BBQ.

Beach Side Terrace
The Flamboyant Hotel
Grand Anse Beach; Tel. 444-4247
Open daily, 7:30am-10:30pm. Major credit cards accepted. Sunday Beach BBQ with calypso and reggae music; entertainment most nights.
Specialties: International and local cuisine.

Bird's Nest
Grand Anse; Tel. 444-4264
Specialties: Chinese and Creole cuisine.

Blue Orchid Hotel & Restaurant
Grand Anse; Tel. 444-0999
Family Night specials Thur. and Sat.
Specialties: American, Local, and seafood dishes
No alcoholic beverages sold, but you can bring your own

The Boatyard
L'anse aux Epines; Tel. 444-4662
Open daily for lunch and dinner. (Reservation necessary for dinner on Fridays.) VISA accepted.
Specialties: Grilled steak, fresh lobster and seafood.

Chef's Castle
Gore and Halifax Streets; Tel. 440-4778
Open daily.
Specialties: Burgers, rotis, pizza, ice cream, local food, and more.

Choo Light Restaurant & Bar
L'anse aux Epines; Tel. 444-2196
Open Mon. to Sat. 11am-3pm and 6pm-11pm;
Sun. and holidays 5pm-11pm. Indoor/outdoor garden setting.
Specialties: Chinese Stir-fry and steamed seafood, chicken, and fish.

Calabash Hotel
L'anse aux Epines; Tel. 444-4234
Specialties: West Indian and International cuisine.

Coconut's Beach Restaurant
Grand Anse Beach; Tel. 444-4644
Open daily, except Tue., 12noon-10pm. Reservations advised.
BBQ and live music Wed., Fri., and Sun. in season.
Specialties: Local lobster, French Creole cuisine

Conch Shell Restaurant & Bar
Point Salines; Tel. 444-4178
Specialties: Seafood and Caribbean cuisine.

De Water Hole
Paddock, opposite Botanical Gardens
Open Mon. to Sat. from 9:30am until ...
Specialties: Local dishes and ice cold fresh fruit juices made from local produce.

Melville Street, St. George's; Tel. 440-6795
Open daily, 7:30am-10pm, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner; waterfront view.
Specialties: Authentic Grenadian home cooking and refreshing local drinks, like Lime Squash.

Dr. Grooms Cafe & Restaurant
Point Salines; Tel. 444-1979
Specialties: Italian and West Indian cuisine.

Ebony Restaurant
Victoria Street, Grenville
Open Mon. to Sat. 6:30pm-11pm and Sun. 10:30am-6pm.
Specialties: Crab and Calallo, lobster, sea eggs, turtle, spicy jerk pork, and classic fish steaks

Fish and Chick Restaurant & Bar
Sugar Mill Roundabout, Grand Anse; Tel. 444-4132
Open daily, 7am until; take-out service available.
Specialties: Fish, Chicken, and Hot Roti, with daily West Indian specials.

Fox Inn Restaurant
Point Salines; Tel. 444-4123
Specialties: West Indian and International cuisine.

Green Flash
Siesta Hotel, Grand Anse; Tel. 444-4645/6
Open daily, 8am-11am and 6pm-9:30pm; poolside dining.
Specialties: Breakfast (daily specials, homemade muffins, fruit, and coffee);
dinner (steak, lobster, and specialties du jour such as enchilada, moussaka, and fresh seafood).
No alcoholic beverages sold, but you can bring your own.

Horse Shoe Beach Restaurant
Horse Shoe Beach Hotel; Tel 444-4410
Romantic dinners, with a spectacular view of Prickly Bay.
Specialties: Exotic West Indian favourites and International cuisine.

True Blue Inn; Tel. 444-2000
A cool, relaxed setting overlooking the bay.
Specialties: Seafood dishes.

Island View Restaurant & Night Club
Woburn; Tel. 444-1878
Restaurant and snack bar with a game room and pool table.
Discotheque Fri. and Sat.

Jade Garden
Morne Rouge, Grand Anse; Tel. 444-3698
Open daily; lunch 10am-3pm, dinner 5pm-10:30pm.
Specialties: Cantonese and Szechuan style Chinese cuisine.

Judith's Eating Delights

Gore Street; Tel. 440-5732
Open Mon. to Sat., 8:30am-6pm; Fri. 8am-8pm.
Specialties: Refreshing local drinks, tasty fish and chicken snacks, and authentic local dishes.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Granby Street & Grand Anse, St. George's; Tel. 440-3821
Specialties: Fast food.

Knap's Restaurant & Bar
Grand Anse, St. George's; Tel: 444-1299
Open for dinner (reservations requested); separate entertainment room with bar and games;quiet, elegant atmosphere with outstanding view of the harbour and bay.
Specialties: Caribbean, German, and Austrian cuisine; fondue and raclete available upon request.

La Bell Creole
Blue Horizon Cottage Hotel, Grand Anse; Tel. 444-4316
Specialties: West Indian and Continental cuisine.

La Dolce Vita
Cinnamon Hill Hotel
Morne Rouge, Grand Anse; Tel. 444-4301/3456
Open daily, except Mon., 7pm-11pm for dinner; cocktails 6pm-11pm.
MasterCard, VISA, and Discover accepted.
Specialties: Italian cuisine.

La Sagesse Restaurant
La Sagesse Nature Center; Tel. 444-6458
Open for lunch, dinner, and snacks.
Specialties: Seafood, with a local and Continental menu.

Le Bistro
Ross Point; Tel. 444-0191
Open Mon. to Sat. for dinner only. Reservations recommended.
Specialties: Elegant French dinners, with a special a la carte menu.

Lagoon Road, St. George's; Tel. 440-1459
Specialties: West Indian cuisine.

Morne Fendue Plantation Great House
Sauteurs; Tel. 442-9330
Specialties: West Indian cuisine.

Mount Rodney Estate
Sauteurs; Tel. 442-9420
Specialties: International cuisine.

Nick's Donut World
Le Marquis Complex, Grand Anse
Open Mon. to Sat. 7:30am-7:30pm; Sun. 9:30am-1pm and 4pm-7:30pm.
Specialties: A wide selection of donuts and coffees.

The Carenage, St. George's; Tel: 440-2539
Specialties: West Indian cuisine.

Pirate's Cove Restaurant & Bar
Grand View Inn, Morne Rouge, Grand Anse; Tel: 444-2342
Open daily, 5pm for cocktails; 7pm-10:30pm for dinner. Bar open late with special menu and music.
Specialties: International and French cuisine.

Portofino Ristorante Italia
The Carenage, St. George's; Tel: 440-3986
Open daily; casual atmosphere with take-out service available.
Specialties: A wide variety of Italian dishes.

The Red Crab
L'anse aux Epines; Tel: 444-4424
Specialties: West Indian and International cuisine.

Rex Grenadian
Point Salines, St. George's; Tel: 444-3333
International and Caribbean cuisine served in four restaurants.
Specialties: Special business lunch and dinner in the International Restaurant;
dinner in the Oriental Restaurant; barbecues on the Caribbean Terrace; nightly entertainment

Rick's Cafe
Grand Anse Shopping Centre; Tel: 444-4597
Open daily, except Monday
Specialties: Pizza, numerous flavours of ice cream, hamburgers, BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, and more.

Rock's Inn Restaurant & Bar
H.A. Blaze Street, St. George's Harbour; Tel: 440-0088

Roydon's Guest House
Grand Anse, St. George's; Tel: 444-4476
Open daily for breakfast and dinner. Reservations recommended.
Specialties: Local food in a charming atmosphere.

Rudolf's Steak House
Grand Anse; Tel: 440-2241
Open Mon. to Sat. 10am-midnight. VISA and MasterCard accepted.
Specialties: Fresh seafood, local and International cuisine, and delicious fruit punches.

Secret Harbour Hotel
L'Anse Aux Epines; Tel: 444-4439
Romantic setting, overlooking Mount Hartman Bay.
Specialties: Local and International cuisine.

Sur La Mer Restaurant & Aquarius Beach Pavilion
Gem Holiday Resort, Marne Rouge; Tel: 444-4224/1189
Open daily. Breathtaking sunset view while dining on the beachfront.

Terrace Restaurant
Renaissance Grenada Resort; Tel. 444-4371.
Music and nightly entertainment.
Specialties: West Indian and International cuisine.

Traffic Light Bar & Grill
Belmont, St. George's; Tel: 440-3375
Specialties: West Indian cuisine.

Lagoon Road, St. George's; Tel: 440-1586
Open daily, 7:30am-midnight; take-out service available.
Specialties: Local and Chinese cuisine.





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